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Our mission is to turn the tide of childhood epidemics by addressing environmental and nutritional factors affecting parents and their children. The goal is to become leaders in setting a “new standard” of care for families in today’s world.


The Healthy Path Foundation is a non profit dedicated to preventing childhood illnesses by promoting a healthy lifestyle for moms to be and families. Many childhood illnesses like asthma, allergies, diabetes and autism are on the rise and are affected by environmental toxins and nutritional factors. By providing resources, healthy habits, guidelines and real life case studies we hope to create a forum of change for health and wellness. Our case studies feature real life stories of children who overcame illnesses through a variety of integrative interventions. We want to create a new standard of care so we can turn the tide of childhood illness and restore health to all children. All proceeds go directly to education, awareness, research, and intervention expenses for at need patients.

                                                                                                     The Healthy Path Foundation Board

So Where do we Start?

Hippocrates- The Father of Medicine put it best,

"Food is your best medicine and your best medicine is Food."

Approximately 70% of our environmental toxin exposures are in our food. We have boiled down a starting point for everyone which is The Top Ten Healthy Steps. By incorporating these basic health foundations in your life we believe your body and mind will function better. 

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Our Members
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