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We Found the Magic Pill & Tom Brady Too!!!

Dr. Gabriel hears it every day, what can I give my child? Whatever the ailment, so many people want that wonder pill that will make it all go away.

Okay, Okay so we didn't exactly find a magic pill for every ailment but we did find evidence that shows how to reduce the risks of illness for your children.

In a study published in Nature, 75 infants were randomly given the probiotic strain lactobacillus rhamnosus or a placebo. Thirteen years later, 17.1 percent of the placebo group developed a neuropsychiatric disorder like ADHD or autism, and zero—as in ZERO—of those given the probiotic were diagnosed with one. It was a small study, yes, but Z-E-R-O.

Let's face it, there is no magic pill, if we want to be our best selves we need to make educated choices. Probiotics are a great choice for gut health and gut health is key to healthy living. We have to look beyond treating illness and more towards prevention and maintenance.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Speaking of maintenance, two people who certainly know how to maintain the human body are Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady. You can't argue with their results, Gisele is a retired super model and Tom is one of the best performing athletes in his league. How do they do it? They do not eat ANY of the crap most of us eat. You can argue that they have the time, money and resources to maintain such a healthy lifestyle but with other athletes having the same resources you simply do not see them performing at the age and level that Tom Brady is. The average pro football player retires at age 30, Tom is 40 and at the top of his game.

We know that following Tom and Gisele's food and lifestyle choices won't make us all Superbowl Champions and Victoria Secret runway models but we have to stop and think that the exact food we are feeding our children for lunch is what Tom Brady is saying he simply will not eat. We all want our kids to be their best and their health is a combination of genes and environment. Given good genes if you impact their environment with quality foods and lifestyle choices you could be setting them up to be their best selves (maybe a star athlete) but if you compound genes and bad environment choices like high carbohydrates, processed foods and sugary diets you are most definitely setting them up for failure.

Not looking to ditch everything in your cabinet?

Start with our Top Ten Healthy Habits to lead to a path of success

(Tom Brady definitely follows every step)

Top Ten Healthy Habits


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