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Look who’s joining us at our Annual Fall Festival 2021

Enjoy delicious treats from the wonderful Mediterranean food truck, Toum NYC. They’ll be serving hot food, coffee, and drinks at our Fall Festival this year.

Toum (pronounced "Toom") is Lebanese for garlic. This family owned food truck, caterer, pop up, and restaurateur, opened in 2012, when, after 15 years in the food industry, co-founders Rodrigue and Christine decided to venture on their own path.

Here are what some of their customers have said:

  • “Your spinach pies were a highlight for me! So fresh tasting, not greasy. I can't wait to enjoy more of your wonderful food! There is soooo much more I want to try!!!”

  • “Toum's tabbouleh is extraordinary!”

  • “One of my favorite dishes is their Lebanese salad (fattoush): simply unforgettable.”

*Note: Each menu item is marked with a V for vegan and a G if it contains gluten.


Also at the festival will be the author of Wise Woman’s Guide to Your Healthiest Pregnancy & Birth. Patricia Laddis PT, CBBA, is a licensed physical therapist who will be signing her book and sharing this day of family, fun and healthy habits with us.

About Patricia’s work and passion:

  • Patricia is advocating for women’s health; she is building a protocol for women to return to their sport after pregnancy.

  • Along with the Weill Cornell Medical Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery, Patricia designed the first-ever postpartum exercise study, which is coming out this year.

  • She is also co-founder of a global educational platform, The First 1000 Days of Wellness, which promotes perinatal wellness and prevention of non-communicable diseases in future generations.

  • A Global Wellness Summit active delegate, Patricia has support from wellness centers around the world for the initiative The First 1000 Days, which launched in 2018. It encompasses healthy lifestyle practices during preconception, pregnancy and early childhood, its need, understanding and importance.

Our mission is to turn the tide of childhood epidemics by addressing environmental and nutritional factors affecting parents and their children. The goal is to become leaders in setting a “new standard” of care for families in today’s world.


  • Target critical age of development: preconception through 2 years of age

  • Reduce exposure to toxins

  • Improve Nutrition

  • Identify and address genetic factors

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  • Intervention expenses for at need patients

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