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Did you know that oatmeal is a fiber-rich grain that helps kids concentrate better?

Full, Focused, and Energized!

Due to the modern American diet many people are not getting enough important nutrients like fiber. Eating the proper amount of fiber contributes to a steady flow of energy throughout the day. Feeding your kids fiber rich foods like oatmeal will help them get through their day with enough energy and even help them concentrate better!

Not only can you boost oatmeal by adding in things like flax seed but you can put sweet tasty fruits and honey that will make it irresistible to your picky eater!


Serve them oatmeal UNDERCOOKED, most kids do not like mushy textures, try rolled oats, quick oats and instant oats to see which they like better.

Use the LEFT OVER oatmeal to make them pancakes, add it in to your favorite packaged recipe and adjust accordingly or replace the flower with the leftover oatmeal. Mix in their favorite fruit or even chocolate chips to dress it up for them.

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Our mission is to turn the tide of childhood epidemics by addressing environmental and nutritional factors affecting parents and their children. The goal is to become leaders in setting a “new standard” of care for families in today’s world.


  • Target critical age of development: preconception through 2 years of age

  • Reduce exposure to toxins

  • Improve Nutrition

  • Identify and address genetic factors

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An Ounce of Prevention

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  • Education / Awareness

  • Research

  • Intervention expenses for at need patients

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