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How Dare They Attack Coconut Oil!!

Healthy Path Foundation Coconut Oil

We here at Healthy Path Foundation, like so many of you are shocked at the recent article and media attention surrounding the health benefits of Coconut Oil. Not only are they saying coconut oil is bad but they are recommending Vegetable Oil!!! Well there it is, for us that sums up the angle behind this article. Corn and Soy are a big business in the US and there are many companies vested in keeping its uses and sales up.

But taking a crack at our beloved Coconut Oil is a low blow!

The bottom line is that Coconut oil is an excellent source of essential Omega Fatty Acids and has been proven so in several studies as well as in people who have seen results first hand.

Here is a great response from Chalene Johnson on Why you Should Continue to Use Coconut Oil

Check out this video series from Dr. Mercola on the benefits of high quality fat:

The Metabolic Magic of High Quality Fat with Dr. Joseph Mercola

While we are at it, lets discuss another source of high quality fat:


What is Ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter, but simmered longer to bring out butter’s inherent nutty flavor. Traditionally made from buffalo or cows milk, the process of making ghee removes the water and milk fats, leaving a high-smoke point (meaning that it can be heated to a pretty high temperature before it starts to smoke) fat. Plus, it’s nutritionally rich like coconut oil.


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