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2 Easy Tips All College Kids Must Know To Stay Healthy

College, a time where adolescents finally break off from the shadows of their parents and guardians and go off into the real world to experience life for themselves. Often times, this time frame is filled with stress and pressure as these young adults are faced with many new responsibilities. On top of all the newfound duties, they must also keep up with their academics to ensure their future. One key point is that this is a time where the students are required to take full responsibility of their health. However, with all the pressures circling them, these individuals tend to put health at the bottom of the priority list. This is a brutal mistake because what they don't understand is that their body still needs their attention and reaching for the chocolate bar all through finals week is not a wise decision.

1. Resist the urge for fast food

If students neglect their health they could potentially face lifelong consequences. One major example is seen through weight gain. According to, 70% of students gain weight during their college year and the average weight gain is a drastic 12 pounds. To truly understand why college kids, gain so much weight, we need to take into account several factors. One fundamental factor is stress. Even the American Psychological Association agrees that the amount of stress in college students in growing increasingly alarming. Cortisol, is a hormone in our bodies that increases during times of stress. Surprisingly, these tension-filled times increase our insulin. However, that does not mean we are losing weight. In turn, our body protests in a way by craving for junk food. This situation is ideal for a college student because they are perfectly comfortable in getting fast food, since it saves them time and money. What they need to understand is that putting in the extra effort to their diets is a rational choice in the long run. If they fall prey to bad habits early on, they will continue to practice unhealthy lifestyles which can lead to dangerous diseases such as diabetes or even heart problems.

2. Stay active and maintain self care

A solution to the issue at hand can be solved with getting college kids active. They can perform workouts known as burst training. Burst training requires an individual to perform a high intensity workout in a short amount of time, which is an important factor for the students. The exercise leads to a significant amount of calories burning. If the burst training method is not preferred, an alternate method can be used. Students can relieve their stress through performing a recreational activity. For example, taking a yoga class or even painting may decrease stress level and subsequently benefit the health of the student. On the whole, it can be seen that these young adults need to prioritize their health as much as any other subject and stay active so that they can stay healthy.

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