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5 Ways to Re-boot Your New Years Resolution

We all strive to keep our promises, especially to others but when it comes to ourselves we often break our promises. These 5 healthy lifestyle habits can help you make manageable promises that will push you towards your goals.

1. Eat real food

This one is simple. Processed, canned, boxed or any other prepackaged foods with expiration dates in 2019 are clearly not real food. We are talking food that has been grown and gathered and meant to be eaten THIS YEAR.

2. Exercise

Get out there and walk, run, hike, bike or stay indoors and get your cardio, HIIT, rebounding, yoga, etc on.

3. Relationships

Keep them healthy and keep them! Human interaction people, its important!

4. Supplement Intelligently

There is no one size fits all supplement. Check in with your own needs and consult with practitioners if needed. Many supplements can help a great deal of people, but you are special so do your homework.

5. Manage Stress and Sleep

There are a million ways to reduce daily stress, ranging from taking a walk to doing yoga. Don’t concern yourself with the best way to reduce stress—just do whatever lowers your heart rate and deepens your breathing, for at least a few minutes every day. Make sleep a priority. Keep the temperature down in your bedroom and the lights off, and never fall asleep with the TV on.

For a more in depth look at these and more healthy habits for the new year check out:

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