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Spring is around the corner, which means it is officially asthma season for many people. Whether your asthma is induced by pollen, dust, or other factors, it’s vital to take the necessary precautions to remain healthy and avoid having an attack. The Healthy Path Foundation shares five tips on how to manage your asthma this season:

  1. Know your triggers. Figure out the factors that trigger your asthma so you can tailor your lifestyle around them. Certain triggers may cause such a severe attack that you need to steer clear of them altogether, so it is important to know how badly you react to each one.

  1. Plan ahead. Look up the pollen count before you step outside so you can plan your day accordingly. If the count is going to be high, consider staying indoors whenever possible (especially while exercising).

  1. Keep it clean. Thoroughly clean your living area in order to rid your home of any potential triggers. Opt for green household products and cleaners, regularly dust and vacuum, use mattress protectors, and use quality air filters to protect the air you breathe. If your floors are carpeted, make sure to clean them thoroughly and often as carpet tends to harbor dust mites, pollen, and mold.

  1. Alter your diet. For some, a change in eating habits can help relieve asthma symptoms. Some people need to avoid gluten while others may choose to forego dairy products to help keep their condition at bay.

  1. Always carry reinforcements. Especially during asthma and allergy season, always carry the necessary tools that keep you wheeze-free. Your inhaler should be readily accessible for emergencies, but also carry a supply of antihistamines just in case. It is also recommended to keep tissues and sanitizer handy in order to prevent spreading germs to others.

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